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Statistics is a branch of mathematics that is pretty interesting for young scholars. Here you get to see how data is collected, organized, interpreted and analyzed. So if you are trying hard to figure out the mean, median and mode, get ready for expert assistance. Are you ready to be matched with the highly qualified tutors at TutorEye? Here’s what you can do, simply connect with an online statistics tutor to put your queries at rest.

According to the Oxford dictionary, Statistics can be defined as “a collection of the information shown in numbers.” For some students, Stats can be an actual nightmare! Besides, many wonder how confusing it must be to collect all data numerically and summarize it.

On the other hand, many wonder what are the uses of Statistics in real life. Can you recall why you get to hear about crime statistics or the use of statistics while census exercise is conducted? This is because Statistics is involved in our everyday life. As a student, it is in your interest to master the subject.

Practical application of Statistics:
Before you begin your journey to study Statistics, let’s find out what role does Statistics play in real-life. Here are a few of them listed below:

Census Studies:
In fact, the first known use of Statistics has been in collecting census data. Right from the Babylonians, Egyptians, Chinese all were involved in conducting census studies. No wonder they relied on Statistical analysis for this exercise.

Medical discipline:
Now in the field of medicine, what do doctors rely on? Yeah! It is on Statistical data. It helps them in making better decisions and to assess the odds at any given time.

Stock market:
Here, everyone is dependent on statistical models on shares and even the information about the economy is gathered by relying on good old regular Stats.

Quality testing:
Don’t we all do a sample test and take it as a quality measure? The answer is an emphatic yes and statistics are heavily involved here for quality testing.

Predicting Disease spread:
Well, in the wake of WHO declared pandemic, COVID 19, the world is relying on the statistics. It showcases the number of cases, and how many people are affected in a given time period.

Let’s get UpGRADED:
So now that you are aware of the importance of Statistics, get ready to embark on a wonderful journey called stats studies. If you find it hard, you can always take a live study session and do away with your doubts on an interactive whiteboard.

Even if you need statistics homework help, you can opt for written assistance too! This will help you guide and figure out where you stumbled upon in the first place while studying. Let’s begin to UpGRADE our knowledge and reach out for better grades in class. Connect with your Statistics tutor right away.

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